I’m a designer from
Mersin, Turkey
 — currently moving pixels at YouTube in San Francisco, CA.

  Most recently, I’ve been reimagining the future of Live TV at YouTube TV — designing on web,
 and TV. My design focus consists of interaction design, system & visual design. I studied Graphic Design at MICA so my past work involves
print collaterals,
branding, typography,
 and motion design. 

  I love experimenting and learning professionally and in my personal life. In my free time, I like exploring the city with
my dog charlie,
 going to concerts or picnics with friends, picking up a new hobby like dj’ing, woodworking,
nail art,
 or relaxing in my room and staring at my plants.


01 Multi-view
2023 – 2024

Multi-view unlocks the ability to watch multiple simultaneous streams. My role in this vast project was to bring this multi-platform feature to the YouTube TV mobile/tablet app. My designs have launched on ios & android, and influenced our cross functional parters at YouTube.

Lead UX Designer
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PM: Brianne Mirecki
UXR: Sophie Amberkar
Engineer: Olivia Li

MULTI-VIEW ON TVThe multi-view feature was first designed for our TV app, so the primary goal of this project was to scale the feature to best fit on mobile while sharing familiar elements and interactions as TV.

UXR findings
- Our users primarily utilize multi-view on mobile or tablet when they have to walk away from their TVs and they don’t want to miss anything
- Double tapping for stream switching is not intuitive, most users are inclined to do a single tap 
Main CUJs
- Join a multi-view
- Change focus/switch audios
- Zoom in & out of on one stream
Since mobile devices can get fairly small, the biggest challenge was to figure out the video controls and tap behavior.


THE INTERACTIONWe included two ways of switching audios. Double tapping was harder to discover, so we kept it as a hidden feature for users that discover it. For our primary mode selecting streams, users can bring out the player controls and tap on any of the videos which have faint outline as a nudge. 


This project has had a significant impact and has been very popular since its launch, thanks to an immense team effort. It involved multiple teams and partners, and the outcome has been truly inspiring.

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