I’m a designer from
Mersin, Turkey
 — currently moving pixels at YouTube in San Francisco, CA.

  Most recently, I’ve been reimagining the future of Live TV at YouTube TV — designing on web,
 and TV. My design focus consists of interaction design, system & visual design. I studied Graphic Design at MICA so my past work involves
print collaterals,
branding, typography,
 and motion design. 

  I love experimenting and learning professionally and in my personal life. In my free time, I like exploring the city with
my dog charlie,
 going to concerts or picnics with friends, picking up a new hobby like dj’ing, woodworking,
nail art,
 or relaxing in my room and staring at my plants.


02 Here*
2023 – Present

*We create a modern platform for people to discover and share favorite spots of a city. Our mission is to inspire everyone to reflect and share their experiences with people they love. ROLELead Visual designer
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Brand design
Visual design
Design systems
Motion design
Social media marketing

Here* was co-created by Juliette Wang a few years ago. The product needed a major re-brand that represented the mission and the ideal user demographic more accurately. Since I had been seeking more visual design work, I joined Juliette to help revamp the brand, realign on the product goals and expectations and create a story and energy that reflects to the product and all of the marketing materials. 

[images before the redesign]

INSPIRATION We wanted our brand to be a friendly, energetic, trustworthy 
Some key words: welcoming, community focused, lively, personalized, friendly, underground, organic, breaking the grid, layered, complex, reminiscence, young

Easily compile your favorite places of each city into a playlist to capture that moment of your life 
One place to plan, search, cross-reference and find experiences from people with your taste
One link for all the cities you’ve experienced 
and share them as your recommendations

THE ASTERISK Details on what this represent and how we use it

[mocks of the logo]

THE LOGO Coming soon....

COLORSOur brand color is neon yellow. It’s modern, bold, energetic and gets inspiration from highlighting meaningful information. Our secondary brand color is blue, used to ground our brand and make it reliable & trustworthy. 
*In color psychology, yellow is thought to encourage optimism and be uplifting. 

Blue is seen as a sign of stability and reliability

[the library + images of components]

BRAND ELEMENTSWe decided to incorporate stickers on our brand to bring a more human touch and give the illusion of collecting and making memories. The stickers aren’t only for decoration, some also have functionalities. eg guidence arrow, location pin, numbers, buttons

LANDING PAGEOnce we solidified our brand elements, and I created our system and component libraries, Juliette designed our web landing page and in collaboration with Remy, our engineer, they built our website. 

MARKETINGIn the process of designing and building of our landing page, I started creating our marketing elements and our social accounts. I created templates and post types for various goals and types of content, and started promoting here*

COMING SOONWe’re currently working on our mobile app which will be coming soon.. :)

See the Brand Guidelines