2021 — 2022

Complete overhaul of YouTube TV's Live Guide (EPG) on the TV platform. Revamp the design of the Live Guide to achieve a visually polished and captivating appearance, all while addressing the primary user requirements and incorporating seamless navigation through an extensive selection of 100+ networks.

Lead UX designer

UX Design

User needs (from UXR)
*The ability to scroll horizontally to see future programs
*Additional show information available with an extra click or on selection
*Seeing a lot of information with a quick glance at the screen
*An efficient use of space, with rows and columns visible without navigating

*It is a heavily used page [represents ~45% of watch time] therefore this redesign is very high impact
*It hasn’t been redesigned in a really long time, there is plenty of feedback from Engineers, PMs & the Design team
* There are many edge cases, content types, past and upcoming projects the new guide has to account for
Design principles
*Preserve the EPG while unlocking more discovery
*Design for efficiency and simplicity
*Create a guide that flexes for upsell and non-live

Preserve the EPG while unlocking more discovery
↳ Improved navigation through 100+ channels
↳ Improved re-ordering
↳ Introducing p13n, ensuring EPG is predictable
Design for efficiency
and simplicity

↳Focused highlighted state for more metadata
↳Secondary actions (e.g. Add to Library)
↳Less repetition of text
Create a guide that flexes for upsell and non-live
↳Improved support for non-24/7 channels
↳Live upsell for new networks

Impact [cumulative summary]
*1.9% reduction in paid churn after launching 90%
*Users are 3% more satisfied with the new experience (HaTS survey)
*Presented designs & findings at Google TV workshop

PM –   Kathryn Cochrane
Eng –  Hanfei Sun
          Maya Jergusova
UXR – Sophie Amberkar