Project: YTUX Writing Identity
Year: 2020
Role: Visual designer x YouTube
Quick identity design project for UX writing team at YouTube

UX writing logo

Creating an identity for the UXW team to use in their files.

Color palette, logo, illustrations, figma sticker sheet and a deck template.

Design process

*I used YouTube writing principles document to get inspiration & collected key words like fluid, story-telling, human, clear, informative.
*Colors were selected from the broader YouTube color palette that felt human and clear. 

*I used already existing elements & shapes YouTube uses to create compositions that resembles “story-telling” to be used on decks
*The logo uses the YouTube colors & typography with a little hint of what UX writing does


Sticker sheet was used in multiple figma files and deck template is being used for presentations made by the UX writers 


UXW partner – Andrea Alabastro