Project: Web player redesign
Year: 2019
Role: UX designer x YouTube TV
A full redesign of the YouTube TV player on the web platform. 

old player

*Update web player UI to address common user complaints
*Create visual consistency across platforms
*Lay the groundwork for future projects to add functionality to the web player
User pain points/needs

*Many Player controls remain undiscovered
*Users unsure which elements are clickable
*Overlay UI covers too much of the video
*UI breaks when page is scaled down

player scaling
Design process

*Rearranged UI with softer edges to cover less of the video and look more modern
*Added tooltips to button icons to inform users about shortcuts and make buttons look more clickable

*Added breakpoints and miniplayer version in small sizes to make designs scalable
*Brought the UI closer to our TV in order to enable web to include features from TV in the future

new player gif


PM   –  Brianne Mirecki
Eng  –  Cassie Chin & Patrick Chapman
UXD –  Ian Silva (prototype)