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Enhance the web player user interface to tackle prevalent user concerns while ensuring a consistent visual experience across platforms. Additionally, establish a solid foundation for upcoming projects aimed at expanding the web player's functionality.

Lead UX designer

UX Design
Prototyping (HTML+CSS)

player scaling
User needs
*Many Player controls remain undiscovered
*Users unsure which elements are clickable
*Overlay UI covers too much of the video
*UI breaks when page is scaled downv
Design updates
*Rearranged UI with softer edges to cover less of the video and look more modern
*Added tooltips to button icons to inform users about shortcuts and make buttons look more clickable
*Added breakpoints and miniplayer version in small sizes to make designs scalable
*Brought the UI closer to our TV in order to enable web to include features from TV in the future
*Added more a11y features with tab targets and keyboard controls

new player gif
Impact [cumulative summary]
*19,744 trial starts
*87.36% trial retention rate

PM    –  Stephanie Leung
Eng   –  Yeonjae Park (mobile) 
              Patrick Chapman (web)
UXW –  Andrea Alabastro
Other partners — Legal, Commerce