Conducted a semester-long project to brand and create a manual for a fictional Museum, inspired by unique beverages encountered in Korea. Developed a complete brand identity and expanded it to print, merchandise, 3D spaces, and web design, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience across various mediums.

Visual designer

Visual design
Brand design
Print design
3D/4D rendering
Web design

This branding is for an experimental drink match making museum. Main inspiration comes from fun drinks/bottles I saw during my visit to Korea. The museum aims to be interactive and entertaining and the brand reflects that with color & shapes. 

*Branding (logo, type-stack, colors, artwork)
*Handmade cards 

The logo
The logo for the Museum of Drinks cleverly integrates an abstract rendition of the word "drinks." The abstract shape not only resembles objects associated with consuming liquids but also exudes a festive and celebratory energy


“The Museum of Drinks endeavors to showcase a diverse range of beverages, catering to individuals of all ages and preferences. Through its engaging exhibits and informative displays, visitors can discover intriguing drinks, explore captivating designs, delve into the histories behind them, and even learn new recipes. This experimental museum offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to not only view but also test various products in order to find their personal favorite.”