Project: Invites
Year: 2020–2021
Role: UX designer x YouTube TV
Created a multiplatform system that allows YTV members to easily invite friends to join YouTube TV.

invites mobile dark mode

Allow YTV members to easily invite friends to join YouTube TV 
*Sender receives a reward if their recipients become paid starts
*Recipients receive a special offer in addition to any free trials that exist normally

User needs

>60% of YTV subscribers claim to be "promoters" of the service – highly likely to recommend to friends. Another 20% are very likely (7-8 out of 10). However, we have no incentive today for them to do so.

invites explorations
Design principles

*Scalable — Web designs that scales well to mobile. Create designs that will work with other rewards / future features
*Clear — Have instructions & limitations that are clear and easy to understand while including all the legal copy required
*Intuitive —Make it easy to send, receive invites and see reward progress

*Creating a design system that is scalable for all three platforms (mobile, web, TV)
*Creating complex designs that combine instructions, education and new actions like sharing a code while trying to use existing components
*Fitting a complex flow into a simple page
*Include the necessary and legal information in the right spots

invites on web gif
Impact [cumulative summary]

*19,744 trial starts
*87.36% trial retention rate


PM    –  Stephanie Leung
Eng   –  Yeonjae Park (mobile) 
              Patrick Chapman (web)
UXW –  Andrea Alabastro
Other partners — Legal, Commerce